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The Wagon Yard Exclusive Editions – Produced in house by The Wagon Yard team the authentic livery artwork comes from historic images and has been applied using a state of the art digital printing process. The wagon body and chassis is from Dapol’s high quality range. This wagon livery was requested by one of our customers and is available in a limited run with each wagon made to order (please allow 21 days for delivery).

Baldwins Ltd was a hugely significant and successful name in the iron and steel industry in the late 1800’s to mid 1900’s. By 1902 Baldwins had acquired a number of collieries including the Bryn Navigation Colliery in order to ensure its ability to supply coal to its steel and iron works. By 1904 the expansion of the company was impressive and Baldwins was listed as having railway connections to seven of it’s iron and steel works throughout South Wales with connections to the GWR and L&NWR. By this time they also owned the Port Talbot Steel Co plus Elba Colliery, Cwmavon Colliery, Oakwood Colliery and Aberbaiden Colliery. Many of these collieries had their own wagon fleets with their own liveries and records show orders from Charles Roberts and the Gloucester Railway Carriage and Wagon Company totalling just over a thousand wagons in a 20 year period.
The company continued to expand and acquired Ton Phillip Colliery and Taylors Navigation Colliery in order to continue meeting the coal demands of its various operations. In 1924 alone the coal output was 1,100,000 tons. In 1948 Baldwins merged with Richard Thomas to form Richard Thomas and Baldwins Ltd. This livery a change from earlier ones dates from the 1920’s / early 1930’s. ERA: 3

Private Owner Wagons An Eleventh Collection by Keith Turton – (Lightmoor Press)





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