Billingsley – 7 plank N



Limited edition wagon produced by Dapol for DMB Footplate in 2006. Billingsley was one of four collieries served by the Severn Valley Railway. Mining started at the site in the late 1800’s but the Billingsley Colliery Company wasn’t formed until 1910. The company was taken over by Highley Mining in 1915 and then during the first world war the government took control of the colliery. In that time pay and conditions improved greatly for the collieries 250 employees. In 1921 Prime Minister David Lloyd George took the decision to return the colliery to its original owners sparking strikes which would eventually lead to the collieries closure. ERA: 2. Wagon is in superb, like new condition with all buffers and couplings intact. Original box, sleeve has some light wear.

Historical information from Severn Valley Railway Wiki

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