China Clay wagon with hood – 5 plank N



Limited edition china clay 5 plank wagon with blue hood commissioned by Mevagissey Model Shop in 2001 and made by Peco. Mevagissey Models added the hoods by hand, making these really special and individual hand finished wagons. China clay in the form of Kaolin deposits was discovered in Cornwall by William Cookworthy circa 1768. Hard paste was produced from the china clay for use in porcelain pottery and by 1910 Cornwall was producing half of the worlds China Clay. A number of companies operated in the Cornwall area with tis wagon marked return to St. Blazey. ERA’s: 2 and 3. Wagon is in very good condition with all buffers and couplings intact, light wear to wheels where some of the white paint has worn. Original box and card. Card has wear to edges and some marks.

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