Crystalate – 7 plank wagon N gauge



Limited edition wagon produced by Dapol and commissioned by Ballards in 2007. A wonderfully striking wagon with a history as unusual as its eye catching yellow livery. The wagon was owned by coal merchant Wallace Spiers & Co. Based in London Wallace Spiers supplied household coal and coal for industrial use. The company had an arrangement with a number of its customers whereby their businesses would be advertised on the side of Wallace Spiers wagons. Examples of this include Kodak Ltd and the wagon modelled here Crystalate. Crystalate was a brand name owned by the Composite Billiard Ball Supply Co. This wagon was part of an order of 55 wagons from Hurst Nelson which were registered with the Midland Railway. It is unclear if every wagon carried the Crystalate livery or not. ERA’s: 2 and 3. Wagon is in excellent like new condition with all couplings and buffers intact. Box in excellent condition (but not original as sleeve and insert are a later style).

Historical information from Private Owner Wagons A First Collection by Keith Turton (Lightmoor Press)

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