E. T. Ward & Son – 7 plank OO



Limited edition 7 plank wagon commissioned by Antics and made by Dapol in 2004. Limited edition of 100 pristine wagons. Edgecombe Thomas Ward is  known to of been a coal merchant as early as 1868 based at Dudbridge Wharf. As well as transporting coal by rail he was also a canal carrier and later had an interest in insurance. By 1914 the company name had become E.T. Ward & Son with depots at Bridgend, Stonehouse and Stroud. The Stroud depot was located at the GWR station and by 1923 they also had a depot at the Midland Railway station at Frocester. The business features in records and directories until 1939. The company initially hired wagons from the Gloucester Railway Carriage & Wagon Co before purchasing wagons from the Western Wagon Co and later from Gloucester RC&WCo. The wagon modelled here was purchased from Gloucester in 1905 along with three other 10 tonne, side and end door wagons. ERA: 2 and 3. Wagon is in excellent, like new condition with all buffers and couplings intact. Box is also in excellent condition.

Historical information from Private Owner Wagons of Gloucestershire by Ian Pope (Lightmoor Press)

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