James. H. Smart – 7 plank N


Our second exclusive Wagon Yard release with Peco. 100 pristine limited edtion wagons. James Harry Smart was a coal merchant in the late 1800’s based at Chalford in Gloucestershire. This particular wagon had a varied life, it was originally an 8 ton wagon built in 1900 by the Gloucester Wagon Co for the Gloucester Railwaymens Dircect Coal Supply Co. In 1927 it was subject to a rebuild by Wagon Repairs Ltd in Gloucester and became a 10 ton wagon whereby it was supplied to James. H. Smart. In 1935 Smart had the wagon overhauled and it emerged from the Reparco Wagon Works with the livery modelled here and a new running no.1. The colours of the livery are essentially unknown apart from the black body colour and the white writing. The diagonal stripe could be yellow or white and the information we have seen asserts that the diagnonal lettering is most likely red. Peco kindly mocked up both options for us and the yellow diagonal stripe was certainly the most pleasing to the eye and gave the best combination with the red lettering. Also for model wagon enthusiasts a wonderful touch is the addition of the writing on the end of the wagon which can clearly be seen in the black and white photo in Private Owner wagons of Gloucestershire by Ian Pope. ERA: 3

Historical information from Private Owner Wagons of Gloucestershire by Ian Pope (Lightmoor Press)

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