Mellonie & Goulder, Ltd – 7 plank OO



Special edition 7 plank wagon commissioned by the Mid Suffolk Light Railway in 2013 in a limited run of 209 pristine wagons. (A second run of 80 were produced in the same year). Certificate included, this being no. 35 of 209. A copy of an advertisement is included with the certificate. Thomas Mellonie & Robert Goulder were coal merchants and factors in Ipswich, Suffolk established in 1907. The company initially operated a wholesale coal and shipping business. But diversified into retail coal sales in 1908 selling coal from the Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire coal fields. Coal yards were established at Stoke Bridge Wharf, Ipswich and then at Westerfield Station on the East Suffolk line. The company had a number of wagons which were originally built by P. W. Spencer in 1906 and registered with the Midland Railway. In 1927 a wagon bearing the livery modelled here (although different running number) was photographed at Charles Roberts outstation at Melton Mowbray in 1927 after being overhauled and repainted. ERA’s: 2 and 3. Wagon is in superb like new condition with all buffers and couplings intact. Box also in superb condition.

Historical information from Private Owner Wagons Volume One by Bill Hudson (Oxford Publishing Co) and the Mid Suffolk Light Railway

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