Nathaniel Pegg – 5 plank OO



Limited edition 5 plank wagon commissioned by Hythe Models and made by Dapol in 2002 (1st edition). Limited edition certificate included no. 47 of 210 pristine wagons made. Nathaniel Pegg was a steam coals and coke merchant establishing his business in 1815 in Kensington, London. Circa 1870 the company became agents for Butterly Coal & Iron Company. By 1903 Pegg also had depots on the SE&CR at Bromley North and Hayes. In 1938 the company was taken over by Charrington, Booth Ltd. ERA’s: 2 and 3. Wagon is generally in very good condition with all buffers and couplings intact, however there is a small chip on the top edge of one side of the wagon. The paintwork is not compromised by the chip. (See Photo). Box is in good condition.

Historical information from Private Owner Wagons of The South East by John Arkell (Lightmoor Press)

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