O. Edwards & Sons (Tenterden Brewery) – 7 plank OO


Limited edition 7 plank wagon commissioned by Hythe Models and made by Dapol in 2001. Limited edition certificate included no. 19 of 184 pristine wagons made. Obadiah Edwards purchased the Tenterden brewery in 1872 (although it was originally founded in 1745). The business prospered and was passed on to Obadiah’s three sons. With the outbreak of the First World War came a raise in beer duty and changes to licensing laws, as a result the brothers sold the business in 1922, although it would continue brewing under different ownership. The breweries close proximity to the railway (Station Road, Tenterden) meant it is very likely to of used the railway to transport in resources and ingredients using plank wagons like the one modelled here. ERA: 2. Wagon is in excellent condition with all buffers and couplings intact. Box is in good condition with one slightly dented corner, and light wear.

Historical information from Brewery History Society

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