Powell Duffryn – 7 plank OO



Limited edition 7 plank wagon commissioned by Bristol MRC Exhibition and made by Dapol in 2008. Limited edition certificate included no. 137 of 205 pristine wagons. Powell Duffryn was founded by Thomas Powell in the mid 1800’s as a coal mining operation in the South Wales coalfields. When Thomas died the business was almagamated with that of Sir George Elliot and became known as the Powell Duffryn Steam Coal Company. The company expaned over numerous years buying shipping company Stephenson Clarke and several smaller collieries before amalgamating with Welsh Associated Collieries to form Powell Duffryn Associated Collieries in 1935. In 1947 the companies coal operations were nationalised into the coal board and the companies focus became it’s shipping and engineering interests. ERA’s: 2 and 3. Wagon is in excellent like new condition, box in very good condition.


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